Guide sheets

The guide sheets of the Musikinstrumenten-Museum can be purchased at the museum ticket office in a folder for 3.50 euros or can be downloaded from this page.

Guide sheet 1

The Flutes of European Art Music
Some connections between the instrument’s design and musical requirements

Guide sheet 2

On the history of the clavichord

Guide sheet 3

On the history of the fortepiano

Guide sheet 4

The instruments of the St. Wenzel Church in Naumburg

Guide sheet 5

The harpsichors: national differences

Guide sheet 6

Instruments for beggars and peasants: Bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, scheitholt and more

Guide sheet 7

The harp

Guide sheet 8

The violin

Guide sheet 9

The Viol da gamba

Guide sheet 10

The Lute

Guide sheet 11

Automatic Musical Instruments in Bar and Salon

Guide sheet 12

The Musikinstrumenten-Museum

Guide sheet 13

The Staatliche Institut für Musikforschung

Guide sheet 14

The Guitar

Guide sheet 15

Electronical musical instruments

Guide sheet 16

Hommage to Curt Sachs

Guide sheet 17

Musical instruments from the sphere Frederick II of Prussia

Guide sheet 18

Bowed instrument and piano manufacturing in Berlin in the 18th and 19th centuries

Guide sheet 20

The Mighty Wurlitzer