The Staatliche Institut für Musiforschung (State Institute for Music Research) is an institution of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation). The Institute is directed by Dr. Rebecca Wolf. The Musikinstrumenten-Museum is directed by Prof. Dr. Conny Sibylla Restle.

Organigramm des SIM mit den Abteilungen I-IIIOrganizational chart of the SIM

The Staatliche Institut für Musikforschung (State Institute for Music Research) has been part of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation since 1962. Since 1957, the Foundation has formed the umbrella for five institutions that preserve the former Prussian collections. The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and its institutions are financed by the federal and state governments, which cooperate with the Foundation in various committees. The federal government and all the German states are involved in the Foundation's work and development through the Foundation Board.

The Staatliche Institut für Musikforschung, with its Musikinstrumenten-Museum (Musical Instruments Museum), has been at home in the Kulturforum since 1984 in a building built especially for its purpose, directly adjacent to the Philharmonie. The building is located in the vicinity of the Staatsbibliothek, the Ibero-Amerikanische Institut (Ibero-American Institute) and the museums at the Kulturforum.

The Institute is headed by a director and is divided into three departments and an administrative unit.

The work of the Institute is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board.


Rebecca Wolf, Director of the SIM, and Conny Restle, Director of the MIM

The Staatliche Institut für Musikforschung is directed by Dr. Rebecca Wolf. Director of the Musikinstrumenten-Museum and Deputy Director of the Institute is Prof. Dr. Conny Restle. More