Research Areas

Practice-oriented music theory is a typical field of research for the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung (State Institute for Music Research). SIM pursues research across a broad range of topics.

Interpretation research

The interpretation research carried out at the SIM is based on the notion of the acoustic event as a multi-layered phenomenon. more


egbox of a viola da gamba with carved lion's head

Organologists at the SIM study and describe musical instruments. more

Music perception

Two-part photo. On the left, detail of the membrane of a loudspeaker in black.

The SIM conducts research into the auditory, visual, aesthetic and geometric aspects of music perception. more

Music transmission

Black shelf rows with CDs

The aesthetic parameters of music transmission are examined as part of the systematic musicology studies at the SIM. more

Music theory

The field of music theory is an important focus of the work done at the SIM, and a key part of this is the “History of Music Theory” project. more

Second Viennese School

[Translate to English:] Das Ensemble der italienischen „Pierrot“-Tournee mit dem Quatuor Pro Arte am 3. April 1924 auf der Piazza San Marco in Venedig.

The music of the Second Viennese School is one of the core research areas of the SIM. more

History of the Institute

[Translate to English:] Institutsgebäude in Bückeburg, um 1918

The Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung has produced a scholarly account of the institute’s history from 1888 to 1945. more

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