Sound and Vision Experience Lab

Sound & Vision Experience Lab

The project Sound & Vision Experience Lab (SV_XL) evolved from the DFG-funded project "Audio-visual perception of acoustical environments". It is funded by the board of trustees of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and by the minister of state for culture and media. It comprises the conception and realization of a laboratory for the interactive high-quality reproduction of optoacoustic 3D presentations on the technological basis of binaural synthesis, sound field synthesis, stereophony and stereoscopy. The presentations shall make scientific methods and findings auditorily and visually tangible in an instructive manner. Content from instrumental acoustics, room acoustics, electroacoustics, interpretation research, music production, and psychology of perception is to be successively prepared over the next few years. The content may originate from internal and external, current and past research. For instance, the Virtual Concert Hall will be made permanent. Information about exhibits (models, drawings, sounds, pictures, texts), illustrations of physical and psychoacoustic fundamentals, psychological phenomena such as illusions, as well as artistic content may be presented likewise. Since the SV_XL is capable of presenting participants with test stimuli it may be used for both research and knowledge transfer.


Dr. Hans-Joachim Maempel

Head of Department III

+49 30 254 81 141



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