Low brass

A brief history of low brass instruments

Exhibition in the stone foyer of the Musikinstrumenten-Museum for the "Year of the Tuba 2024"

Whether in a symphony orchestra or a brass band, the tuba is an essential part of the ensemble. But why is this instrument so important?

The bass instruments are the foundation of the orchestra. However, low-pitched woodwinds such as the bassoon tend to be quiet compared to other instrument groups. This is why the low brass instruments are of particular importance.

As orchestras and military bands grew in size from the late 18th century, so did the demands placed on bass instruments. Numerous new developments were made to increase the sound volume and the projection of sound. Instrument makers found the creative use of large instruments very appealing, especially as changes in the bore could be heard very clearly.

Today, one development is synonymous with the bass register of brass instruments: the tuba. The exhibition invites you to follow these developments and explore the various designs of the tuba and its predecessors.