Demo – interactive, spatial audio installation

Listening station of the demo with seven listening positions
Listening station of the demo with seven listening positions. Photo: Claudia Stirnat

At SysMus22, Claudia Stirnat presented a demo of an interactive, spatial audio installation using dynamic binaural synthesis. After a short introduction, she showed a video of the installation that a group of students created at TU Ilmenau.

In this example, a listener heard an auditory augmented reality (AAR) scene. He could move within the marked listening area and heard the sound through headphones. The AAR-scene was created by six virtual, externalized (perceived outside the head) sound sources. While watching the video, demo-participants could follow the listener’s experience within the listening area in his perspective. When he moved towards a sound source, they heard the sound coming closer to them and when he walked away, they heard the sound source disappear as well, as if the sound source was in the room. He experienced the virtual sound sources externally, outside his head. Additionally, there was also an internalized voice, that the listener experienced inside the head as if someone listens via headphones as usual. The listener's task was to go through the augmented reality scene, made as a spaceship, interactively and find triggers within the listening area to activate the following sound events to move through the narrative and to find the end of the installation.



"An interactive spatial sound installation using binaural synthesis", in:  Michalko, A., Onderdijk, K. E., & Van Kerrebroeck, B. (Hrsg.) (2023). Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus22).