Call for Papers - Symposium »Piazzolla 2021«

News vom 31.05.2021

Musical Cultural Transfer Argentina – Europe 4.–6.11.2021

The State Institute for Music Research and the Ibero-American Institute want to take two anniversaries in 2021 – Astor Piazzolla's 100th and Mauricio Kagel's 90th birthday – as an opportunity to focus on the musical cultural transfer between Argentina and Europe in the 20th/21st century.

While in the 19th century cultural relations were closely linked to people returning to Argentina after studying in Europe, in the 20th century emigration and travel movements intensified in both directions, leading to cultural interactions and cultural dialogue at eye level. Examples include composers and performers such as Astor Piazzolla, Mauricio Kagel, Graciela Paraskevaidis, Martha Argerich, and Daniel Barenboim, each of whom influenced the art music of both Europe and Argentina. The musical interrelations between the two cultures range from complex teacherstudent relationships in the context of universities, private lessons, or summer courses to tours or joint projects and to mutual influences, appropriations, and adaptations. For the planned symposium, we would welcome contributions especially on the following topics:

  • "Cultural transfer" in the context of cultural appropriation and identity politics.
  • Musical exchange between Argentina and Europe: historical perspectives.
  • Dissemination and reception of contemporary Argentine music in Europe in the
  • context of art music, globalization and local identities.
  • Folk and art music interrelationships in Argentine composers.
  • Bandoneon (cultural transfer, role in contemporary music, etc.).
  • Astor Piazzolla (Argentine and European sources of his music, reception, tango in contemporary music etc.).
  • Mauricio Kagel (dealing with the Argentine cultural heritage, intercultural projects, Kagel’s reception in Argentina, etc.).
  • Work and reception of European musicians and composers in Argentina.
  • Work and reception of Argentine musicians and composers in Europe.
  • Electronic music in Argentina (cooperation with European studios, personal connections).
  • Reception of contemporary Argentine composers in Europe (e.g. Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Festival d'Automne à Paris, Huddersfield Contemporary Music
  • Festival, Warsaw Autumn, Donaueschingen etc.).
  • (Intercultural) works of contemporary Argentinean composers.

Due to the still expected pandemic-related travel restrictions, the symposium will be held online. Official language is English. Proposals for presentations may include individual talks (max. 30 min.), short presentations (15 min.), thematically focused sections (3-4 talks of 20 min. each), and artistic presentations that can be
performed online.

Abstracts (max. 2000 characters) and a short CV (max. 500 characters) should be submitted in English no later than August 15, 2021. Feedback on the selection of presenters will be provided by the end of August 2021. Please send your proposals as pdf files to
The publication of the contributions is planned.

Simone Hohmaier
Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung PK
Tiergartenstr. 1
10785 Berlin

Ulrike Mühlschlegel
Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut PK
Potsdamer Str. 37
10785 Berlin

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