From Baroque to Bluegrass

Black and white striped body of a Pandorina, built 1736 in Rome

Pandurina, Giovanni Smorsone (Smorzone), Rom, 1736, cat.-no. 5005. Photo: Anne-Katrin Breitenborn

From Baroque to Bluegrass - The Many Faces of the Mandolin

The lute's little sister spread from Italy to the rest of Europe and to America. It was popular in the baroque, classical and romantic eras and became a style-defining instrument of American bluegrass. The mandolin has conquered many musical spaces: on the backs of wanderers, at nightly serenades, in the large symphony orchestra or in plucked instrument ensembles. For the Year of the Mandolin 2023 proclaimed by the Landesmusikrat Berlin-Brandenburg, we are dedicating this cabinet exhibition to it.

1 February to 23 July 2023


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