Stamatia Fourlemadi

Stamatia Fourlemadi is finishing her studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the department of History and Philosophy of Science. At the same time she is a musician, having received a diploma in both trumpet performance and music theory from Odeion Conservatory of Athens – collaborating with various orchestras in the country of Greece, where she comes from. She is ending her academic studies by making an internship through the ERASMUS+ program at the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung from 2nd of October 2023 to 31st of January 2024. She will assist the museum with tasks such as documentation of musical instruments, support in the research work, organization of international research symposia, assistance in the museum’s event management.

As a brass player, her interest is directed naturally towards the brass section - with a more specific tendency towards the baroque period.

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Stamatia Fourlemadi

ERASMUS+ scholar

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