Katharina Binner

Katharina Binner has been an employee in the administration of the Staatliche Institut für Musikforschung since January 1999. Her responsibilities include keeping the budget watch list, assisting with procurement, preparing travel expense reports, processing travel expense reports for study service trips, processing work accidents, administrative correspondence, preparing and updating the Equal Opportunities Plan with the participation of the Equal Opportunities Officer, processing customs and tax matters, inventorying, keeping inventories and files, preparing contracts for work and services and loan agreements, preparing acceptance and disbursement orders, foreign currency payment orders and other accounting documents, including formal checks and determining arithmetical and factual accuracy. She is the employer's inclusion officer.

Katharina Binner completed her training at the Kreuzberg district office of Berlin. She has already worked in various state and federal authorities (Bezirksamt Kreuzberg von Berlin-Bezirkseinwohnermeldeamt, Landratsamt Lauterbach/Vogelsbergkreis/Hessen-Sozialamt, Bundesamt für die Anerkennung ausländischer Flüchtlinge-deputy head of the asylum procedure secretariat, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz-head of the payment office) and spent a year abroad in Cairo, Egypt, as a school secretary at Ramses College for Girls.

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Katharina Binner


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