Interacting with Body, Electronics and Space

Wann: Di 16.07.2019, 14:00 Uhr
Wo: Curt Sachs-Saal

Interacting with Body, Electronics and Space is a two day event of discourse, performance and demonstrations. Atau Tanaka, currently Edgard-Varèse Guest Professor at Technical University Berlin, and Henrik von Coler, director of the Electronic Music Studio at the TU, invite researchers, emerging as well as international artists in order to approach the questions which emerge in the field of musical interaction through technical means and the concept of embodiment. How does the body act in space through sound? How might technology mediate this? How do we create new means of interaction and what musical or performative acts result from these developments?

The first day (16 July) will be an afternoon symposium presenting talks, discussions, and demonstrations of projects in new instrument building, audiovisuals, and material thinking. Prof Tanaka will present a keynote address on the phenomenology of musical performance.

The second day (17 July) will be an evening concert where the instruments presented in the first day will come to life in a musical setting, played on a multichannel sound system from the TU, installed in the Curt-Sachs-Saal at the Musical Instrument Museum. The event is supported by the DAAD and made possible through the cooperation between the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung and the TU Studio, respectively the Audiocommunication Group.

Atau Tanaka and Henrik von Coler, Berlin 05/06/19


14.00 Introduction
Henrik von Coler (TU)

14.15 Keynote address
Atau Tanaka - The Phenomenology of Technology Music Performance

15.00 Talks 1

Jin Hyun Kim
Rethinking (dis)embodiment in interactive music

Daisuke Ishida
Recent activities of The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA

Matt Hughes
URack: a modular musical interface for building visuals in Unity

Marcello Lussana, Pascal Staudt, Olga Kozmanidze
Sentire: Sensory human interaction

16.30 Round Table

Taking time and space in instrument building (Atau Tanaka moderator)

Kaffe Matthews Sonic to Sensory bikes and more

Sukandar Kartadinata Glui, refinement of tangible experience

Liz Allbee hacked trumpet, transducers, Ganzfeld

17.00 Talks 2

Max Neupert, Clemens Wegener
Tickle: Sensitive Surfaces for Music

Henrik von Coler, Tom Lerch
BingBong: Interdisciplinary Development of an Expressive Interface

Isak Han, Hannes Hoelzl, Alberto de Campo (HAI Trio)
Possibility Space Travel with the nUFO by Airborne Instruments

18.00 Drinks, Demos

18.00: Airborne Instruments
Concert/Demo of the NonTrivial Music Instrument
Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl & Isak Han
18.20: Sentire
Human interaction transformed into sound
Marcello Lussana, Olga Kozmanidze & Pascal Staudt
18.40: Tickle
Instrument with sensitive acoustic surfaces
Max Neupert, Clemens Wegener
19.20: BinBong
Expressive interface for monophonic synthesizers
Yrkkö Äkkijyrkkä, Henrik von Coler
19.40: Forms & PushPull
Audio-visual performance
Matt Hughes & Pascal Staudt (Push Pull)

  July, 17th, 18.00 CONCERT