Photographic reproductions

Since 1917, the precursory institutions of the SIMPK compiled photographic reproductions of musical sources with the intention of making as many of them as possible available for the edition Denkmäler deutscher Musik while preserving the originals. The endeavour was initiated by Max Seiffert, who had started to copy musical sources from the collection of the Brussels conservatory during World War I.

As a consequence of the Second World War, the collection of photocopies was relocated to the Soviet Union together with further collections. It returned to the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek (East Berlin) at the end of 1950. After the reunification in 1990, the collection finally was given back to its legitimate possessor, the SIMPK.

Due to the turmoil of war and several relocations, the collection is no longer complete. Of special interest are the photographic reproductions of sources which were lost during World War II, like the Plauener Orgelbuch.

Please note that the photographic collection can only be used upon prior arrangement.