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Web Resources for Musicology

Obviously, this collection of links cannot encompass the range of high-quality content available on the World Wide Web. It is intended more to trigger intellectual curiosity, as well as provide points of departure for independent research. The arrangement of links follows the classification system of the SIMPK's library.

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Institutions and Associations

   AMS American Musicological Society
Comité International des Musées et Collections d'Instruments de Musique · Comité Internacional de Museos y Colecciones de Instrumentos Musicales · International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections
   Deutscher Musikrat
   miz Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum
   DMgA Deutsches Musikgeschichtliches Archiv
Network of European Art and Cultural History Museums
   GfM Gesellschaft für Musikforschung
   Fachgruppe Freie Forschungsinstitute in der GfM
   IAMIC International Association of Music Information Centres
   IMS International Musicological Society
   IMD Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt
   Museumsportal Berlin


Websites of the »Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz« (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation)

   »Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz« (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation)
   Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
   bpk - Die Bildagentur für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte
   Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
   Geheimes Staatsarchiv
   Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
   Das Föderale Programm der Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz


Search Engines

German-Language Meta-Search Engines.
   Die Suchfibel
How to search for and locate information on the internet?


Reference Works


   Zedler, Großes vollständiges Universal-Lexicon (1732)
From the Munich Digitalization Center of the »Bayerische Staatsbibliothek« (Bavarian State Library).
   Krünitz, Oekonomische Encyclopaedie (1773-1858)
From the »Universitätsbibliothek Trier« (Trier University Library).
   Meyers Konversations-Lexikon (1888-1889)
Initiatives by Christian Aschoff and Till Hänisch.
   Encyclopædia Britannica (1911)
Rough draft searchable texts, without images.
   Virtuelle Allgemeinbibliothek
Systematically organized and extensively annotated links to numerous related areas. An initiative by Ingrid Strauch.
The most significant open-content encyclopedia.


   ADB & NDB
Allgemeine and Neue deutsche Biographie. From the Munich Digitalization Center of the »Bayerische Staatsbibliothek« (Bavarian State Library).
   Name Authority File of the Library of Congress, Washington DC.
   Arnold Dreyblatt: Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933
More art than science.


   Adelung, Grammatisch-kritisches Wörterbuch (1811)
From the Munich Digitalization Center of the »Bayerische Staatsbibliothek« (Bavarian State Library).
   Grimm, Deutsches Wörterbuch
A project by the »Universität Trier« (Trier University).
   Dictionary English
Portion of LEO (TU Munich).
   Dictionary French
Portion of Leo LEO (TU Munich).
   List of Dictionaries
From Arabic to Hungarian; Page from the Erlangen List.
   List of online translation services
By Word2Word .
   Machine translation
AltaVistas Babelfish.

Other Databases: Film

About 300 articles from the respected loose-leaf dictionary »edition text + kritik« (edition text + criticism).
Information about 30,000 German movies; an initiative of the »Deutsches Filminstitut« (German Film Institute).
   IMDb The Internet Movie Database
More than 6 million entries about film works and persons.

Music: Biographies

   Classical Composers Database
More than 2,100 entries, collected and edited by Jos Smeets.
   Composer Informational Sites
A similarly comprehensive list of relevant sites from the meta-pages of ClassicalNet.
   MLA Obituary Index
Obituary bibliography of the Music Library Association (USA).
   Orpheus Trust
Music in exile; a database by the Association for the Study and Promotion of Persecuted and Forgotten Art, Vienna.

Encyclopaedia of Musical Terms

   Handwörterbuch der musikalischen Terminologie
Edited by Albrecht Riethmüller. The arrangement of HmT articles can be seen here hier.
   Lexicon musicum Latinum medii aevi
Developed by the »Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften« (Bavarian Academy of Sciences).
   Thesaurus musicarum latinarum

Other Musical Databases

   GEMA: Online Database - Musical Works
Of limited usefulness used to search for titles.


Bibliographies and Catalogues

Periodicals Bibliography

   ZDB: The world's largest specialized database for serial titles

Theoretica: sound systems, tonality, tuning

   Tuning & Temperament Bibliography
Huygens-Fokker Foundation, Centre for Microtonal Music, Amsterdam.

Dissertations/PhD Thesis

Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology, AMS (American Musicology Society).
Online-Dissertations listed by the »Deutsche Nationalbibliothek«
   Dissertationsmeldestelle "dms" der GfM
   Music Theory Online: Dissertation Index

Music (Musica practica et theoretica)

   Hofmeister XIX
Hofmeister's musical literary monthly reports (digital assets and database, 1829-1900).
   Hofmeister’s musical literary monthly reports
(digital assets, 1829-1947).

Music (Musica theoretica)

   BMS online
»The Bibliography of Music Literature« has more than 315,000 records of literature on music. – online since 2006.
   CAIRSS for Music
Over 16,000 bibliographic references to music education, music psychology, music therapy and music for medicine, produced by the Institute for Music Research of the University of Texas.
   RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Produced with the assistance of the bibliographical editors at the SIM. Fee required; available on CD-ROM in the SIM library.
   Svensk musikhistorisk bibliografi
A part of the Swedish national bibliography LIBRIS.

Library Catalogues

   Library of the »Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung«
   The Online Catalogue of the »Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin« (Berlin State Library - Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation - StaBiKat)
   KOBV: Cooperative Library Network Berlin-Brandenburg
   Association of Public Libraries in Berlin - VÖBB
   DigiBib NRW
Portal of the University Library Center of »Nordrhein-Westfalen«.
   GVK - GBV Union Catalogue
   Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK)
   Libraries and Library Catalogs - World

Digital Libraries

Meta-searches through 20 virtual academic libraries, information networks and the »Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek« (EZB) (Electronic Journals Library).
   OAIster: Datenbank Digitaler Ressourcen
   Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)
   Archivserver DEPOSIT der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek
   Volltextserver der HU Berlin
   GDZ Digitale Bibliothek der SUB Göttingen
   Volltextserver "MIAMI" der Uni Münster


General inventory of holdings

   British Library National Sound Archive
   DNB Deutsches Musikarchiv (German Music Archive)
   Recorded Sound Reference Center
   Rodgers & Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound
   The Virtual Gramophone (Canada)
   Österreichische Mediathek
   Svensk Mediedatabas (Sweden)
   Schweizerische Landesphonothek (Swiss National Sound Archives)

Company catalogues

   Bielefelder Kataloge Klassik und Jazz
Catalogue of recordings available in Germany.
   Firmendiskographien historischer Label
Semer, Tri-Ergon, Vox u. a. (Rainer E. Lotz).
   Company discographies of historical record labels
Odeon, Zonophone and others. (Christian Zwarg).

Special Directories

   King's College London Sound Archive
The King's Sound Archive includes some 150,000 78rpm records, mostly UK issues, covering classical and popular releases from the c1900 to c1960.
   Klaus-Kuhnke-Archiv für Populäre Musik

Directories of sound archives

To be found under »Links«.
   Netzwerk Mediatheken
The virtual presence of significant non-book collections in Germany.


General press info

   Institut für Zeitungsforschung

Musicological Periodicals/Series


   List of the EZB: Musikwissenschaft
   Early Music Periodicals (listed by Indiana University, Bloomington
   Royal Holloway, Univ. of London, Music Dept.

Selected individual titles

   Codex flores: Onlinemagazin für Musikästhetik
   Critical Musicology
   ECHO: A Music-Centered Journal
   FZMw Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft
   The Gramophone
   Journal of the Royal Music Association
Searchable texts retrievable in the SIM library.
   Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music
   MTO Music Theory Online
   nmz Neue Musikzeitung
   Studia Musicologica Academiæ Scientiarum Hungaricæ
Full text in the SIM library available.
   Svensk Tidskrift för Musikforskning

Periodicals/Series from other fields of interest

»DigiZeitschriften« (Digizines) makes German magazines of importance to researchers directly accessible via the WWW. The complete range of offerings is retrievable in the SIM library.



Selected links and meta-pages

   Sites of Interest to Musicologists compiled by AMS
   Médiathèque de l'IRCAM


   AMS American Musicological Society
   GfM Gesellschaft für Musikforschung
   IMS International Musicological Society


Music History

Music history by epoch

   Carolina Classical Connection

Music history by category

Vocal music: liturgical setting

   Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant


Materials for the opera, including librettos and further links.


   Jazzinstitut Darmstadt

Ballet, Dance

   Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln

Popular Music

   Chair for Popular Music History & Theory (Humboldt University of Berlin)
   Forschungszentrum Populäre Musik (Humboldt University of Berlin)
   IASPM - International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM)
   IASPM D-A-CH - German-speaking branch of IASPM

Biographies of Musicians: portrayals and directories

Individual presentations (selected websites)

Bach, Johann Sebastian    Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Bach, Johann Sebastian    Göttinger Bach-Katalog
Bach, Johann Sebastian    Bach Bibliography (Yo Tomita)
Beethoven, Ludwig van    Beethovenhaus Bonn
Beethoven, Ludwig van    Beethoven digital
Beethoven, Ludwig van    An Eroica Project
Eric Grunin’s site contains not only a special discography for Beethoven's op. 55, but also various statistical analyses of the audio files.
Hindemith, Paul    Hindemith-Stiftung
Mahler, Gustav    Médiathèque Musicale Mahler
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus    Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum
Nono, Luigi    Archivio Luigi Nono
Schönberg, Arnold    Arnold Schönberg Center
Strauss, Richard    Richard-Strauss-Institut, Garmisch
Contains a bibliography of Strauss by Christian Broy.
Strauss, Richard    Richard Strauss online
Strawinsky, Igor    Strawinsky-Interpretationen 1946-1985
A directory of (West) German radio recordings by Diethelm Paulussen.
Wagner, Richard    Richard Wagner Archive


Music Theory

Music Theorists (1400-1900)

   Saggi musicali italiani
(Indiana University - Jacobs School of Music - Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature)
   Traités français sur la musique
(Indiana University - Jacobs School of Music - Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature)

Electronic Music

   EARS: ElectroAcoustic Resource Site
   Electronic Music Foundation


   Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie
   Society for Music Analysis
   Society for Music Theory


Systematic Musicology

Sound system, tonality, tuning

   Centre for Microtonal Music


   Musical Instrument Museums
List of the »Comité International des Musées et Collections d'Instruments de Musique« (CIMCIM).
   Musée des Instruments de Musique Brüssel
   Museum of Musical Instruments, »Grassi Muesum« (Leipzig University)
   Museum of Musical Instruments, Markneukirchen
   Musée de la Musique Paris
   National Music Museum Vermillion, SD
   A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
   Subharmonische Mixturen mit dem Subharchord


Related Disciplines

History and ancillary historical sciences

   Clio-online - »Fachportal für die Geschichtswissenschaften«
   History Guide
   Erlanger Historikerseite
   Digital Version of the »Grotefend«, 1st Edition, by Horst Ruth
   Deutsches Historisches Museum: Quellen

Literature studies

   BDSL-ONLINE: Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach-und Literaturwissenschaft
»Eppelsheimer-Köttelwesch«, free access for reports from the years 1985-1995.
   Erlanger Liste zur Literaturrecherche
   English & American Literature
Searchable text archives by Chadwyck.
   Oxford Text Archive
   Project Gutenberg
Searchable text archives of literature published before 1923.

Archival and library sciences: Inventories, central directories of bequests of personal papers and manuscripts

   Bundesarchiv, ZDN
   IMAPSC International Music Archives and Primary Source Collections
   Portal Kalliope (SBBPK, Berlin)
The »Kalliope-Portal« is the central entry point for searching personal papers and manuscripts in Germany and includes the 1.2 million documents listed in the central register of manuscripts.
Catalogue of the »Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach«.

Audiovisual Media (History and Technology)

   Dead Media Project
Under the heading »Working Notes«”, descriptions of various obsolete media are categorized.
   Recording Technology History by Steve Schoenherr
   Leo Kestenberg, Kunst und Technik
Online edition by epOs Music .


Musica practica

   VARIATIONS Online Musical Scores
A project of the Indiana University.
   International Music Score Library Project