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Good Vibrations- A History of Electronic Musical Instruments

Electronic musical instruments seem to be a clearly defined group
of instruments, which made its appearance around 1900 due to the
growing importance of electrical engineering and had their first
great period of prosperity in the Roaring Twenties. Until the early
sixties they are referred to as a side issue in the cosmos of musical
instruments, which at that time already split up in different subgroups,
types and shapes. Synthesizer, piling up to high racks and
wall units of control knobs, switches and wires on big stages made
a great impression on the public. But also drum machines, alternative
controller and last but not least computer software gain more
and more importance, particularly in the present time of digitalization.
This book presents a selection of the hardly ascertainable
variety of electronic musical instruments in large-format illustrations
to convey an insight into the most significant stations of the
development of electronic instruments. Essays from the current
state of academic research illuminate the evolution and reception
history of this young group.

On behalf of Staatlichen Instituts für Musikforschung, Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Published by Conny Restle, Benedikt Brilmayer und Sarah-Indriyati Hardjowirogo

ISBN 978-3-422-07401-9
Deutscher Kunstverlag GmbH , Berlin 2017


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