Alte Musik live


The concert series »Alte Musik live« at the »Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung« was initiated in 1994. It provides a stage for artists predominantly performing Early Music with special consideration of historical performance practice. Following each concert there is a panel discussion with the artists and some scholars and restorers of the institute, predominantly dealing with issues related to organology and questions of historical performance practice. The discussion includes playable instruments from the collection, the characteristics and the sound of which are introduced to the audience either during the concert or in the subsequent discussion. This makes the series »Alte Musik live« an event which brings two things together: the typical concert and information on the collection and the work of the »Musikinstrumenten-Museum«.

The concerts of the series »Alte Musik live« always are morning performances (Sunday, 11 a.m.). They are announced bi-annually in a leaflet.

The concerts are usually also used for recordings which are to be published in one of the two   CD series of the institute: The concerts are either recorded completely or the experienced artists are asked to individually record historical instruments from the museum collection. The Master CD is subsequently produced in the   sound studio of the SIM's acoustics department. All CDs can be purchased at the museum or ordered online at the   Shop.

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