Departments of the SIMPK



DEPARTMENT I: Musikinstrumenten-Museum

The »Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin« collects instruments of the European classical music tradition from the 16th to the 21th century. At this time the museum owns nearly 3.200 instruments, many of which are playable. About 800 instruments are on display in the permanent exhibition. The complete collection has been made accessible through special scholarly catalogues and other publications related to the study of musical instruments as well as the   Jahrbuch (Yearbook) of the Institute. The research conducted in the   restoration laboratories is published in the form of technical drawings. In addition, the   recording series and museum concerts document the activities of scholars and restorers with the collection’s historic instruments.

DEPARTMENT II: Music Theory and Music History

Two important projects of the institute are located in the history department. The large-scale publication of the   Geschichte der Musiktheorie (History of Music Theory) will appear in fifteen volumes; it provides a historical survey of music theory from the ancient world to the present. Each volume contains contributions by acknowledged experts. This project is complemented by the publication serie   Studien zur Geschichte der Musiktheorie (Studies to the History of Music Theory).

The second large-scale project is the edition of the   Briefwechsel der Wiener Schule (Correspondence of the Second Viennese School), which makes accessible some of the most important primary source documents of the music of the 20th century. The edition focuses on the correspondence of Arnold Schönberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern.

Special Department Musicological Documentation

The special department Musicological Documentation supervises the bibliographical projects of the institute, among them the German contribution to   RILM Abstracts of Music Literature. Currently, all bibliographical activities are reorganised in the form of the interactive bibliographical database   BMS online.

The   library of the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung is a special library of musicology with a focus on organology, music theory and the Second Viennese School.

DEPARTMENT III: Acoustics and Music Technology | Studio Equipment and IT

The acoustics department not only supervises the IT of the institute but also the   studio equipment, which is mainly used for research projects. Among the key projects is the recording and systematic analysis of sounds of musical instruments in the museum in order to generate mathematical models for their description. Analysing the acoustic characteristics of historical instruments and their replicas aims to support the work of our restorers. In the field of music technology the focus is on the auditory aspects of music as well as on the sound generation with new technologies.

Recordings of museum concerts, especially of the Sunday series   Alte Musik - live (Early Music - live) also accomplished by this department. A   digital editing suite allows for the production of high-quality master CDs.